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The metamorphosis of La Grand Poste! (Waldorado)
Opened in 1901, the Hotel des Postes maintained its original functionality for a century before a famous refurbishment that began in 2017. Since then, the interior has metamorphosed into a design space to become the icon of Liege's creative district!
Food Markets, why such a success (Coûte que coûte)
Food markets are booming. In Paris, Madrid, Berlin, Brussels, these gourmet halls where several restaurants are grouped together are opening throughout Europe. Why is it such a success?
The Cité Ardente inaugurates its very first Food Market (ELLE)
After four years of work, La Grand Poste de Liège was finally inaugurated on September 10th. Coworking, food market, bar or rooftop, ... the place is as varied as complete.
A digital village settles in Liège: The Grand Post puts its stamp on the Principality (Le Soir)
A city in transition, Liege is seeing one of its most emblematic buildings rise from the ashes after long decades of dormancy. At the helm of this colossal project are BPI and Noshaq.
After four years of work, La Grand Poste is back (L'Echo)
The emblematic building in Liege was inaugurated this Tuesday. It will be used for coworking, as a digital space and will host journalism students. The general public will be able to eat and drink there.
The Grand Post Office returned to the people of Liège: it will open to the general public at the end of the week (RTBF)
"Here we go! Maybe you can hear it in my voice a little bit, but I'm very moved and very proud." A mixture of excitement and emotion for Gérôme Vanherf, director of the Grand Post Office, and for all the people who contributed to its renovation.
"La Grand Poste" in Liege, from neo-gothic to new economy (Le Soir)
The transformation of "La Grand Poste", in medieval style, into a digital hub is completed in Liege. The first occupants are moving in. A project between economy and urbanism.
La Grand Poste, future creative and digital hub of Liege (L'Echo)
In a few weeks, Liège will regain the former glory of its Grand Poste. The emblematic building of Liège is in the process of being renovated and is finalizing its rebirth. Visit the future digital and media reference of the Cité ardente.
La Grand Poste will have a new life (RTBF)
A look at the refurbishment of La Grand Poste