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Cartes Postales is the podcast of La Grand Poste. A journey to discover our extraordinary space by meeting the community. A full immersion in a place full of stories, waiting for you to discover them.

After 120 years of living another life, we invite you to discover the new youth of La Grand Poste and its ecosystem dedicated to the digital industry and the new economy.

With Cartes Postales, you follow in the footsteps of Caroline, a young expatriate from Liège, who is pleased and surprised to discover that her city has changed. A surprise that hides many others…

Cartes Postales is a production of La Grand Poste, produced by Les Visions.



It is said that walls have ears, but what happens when they start to tell what they once heard? When Caroline pushes the door of La Grand Poste, she unknowingly embarks a fantastic journey to listen to the stories that have been engraved in the stone over time.

Thanks to Karen Lebrasseur, Mathieu Fonsny, Aurélie Portois and Albert Schinkus for their interventions.



Back in the real world, Caroline is catapulted into a real whirlwind. A few days before the inauguration of La Grand Poste, she meets its first occupants. Brewery, Food Market, Coworking, University and innovation programs, our adventurer makes joyful encounters while trying to find her place.

Thanks to Bruno Bonacchelli, Thomas Mémurlin, Sophie Joris, Marc Vanesse and Gérôme Vanherf for their contributions.


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