Welcome to La Grand Poste!

Coworkers' guide


Find an answer to most of your questions about your new coworking space hereunder. Still have a question?
Go to the reception desk, where a superhost is always there to help!


I. Your professional space

    1. Access to La Grand Poste and its services
      • Opening hours, access and account
    2. My Workspace
    3. Wifi Access
    4. Connection to mobile networks
    5. Your dashboard
    6. Meeting rooms
    7. Guest management & collaborative areas
    8. Printers
    9. Lockers
    10. Mail & Parcel deliveries
    11. A technical problem?

II. Life at La Grand Poste

    1. Coffee corners and access to water
    2. Jungle area
    3. Watse Management
    4. Maintenance & Cleaning
    5. Internal Rules

III. A team at your service





Opening hours

The coworking space is open from 7am to 10pm Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm on weekends and bank holidays.

Access to the building

There are two ways to access the building:

  • With a badge: with your name and under your responsibility.
    ! If you lose your badge, please send an email to immediately with your name and surname and inform a member of the team in order to guarantee the security of the premises, in accordance with the Internal rules.
  • With your Smartphone : with the Salto KS app (Download it here on iOS or on Android)

Badges and lanyards (the pretty necklace that goes with it) will now be compulsory, so that everyone can easily identify each other in the coworking space.

Your account at La Grand Poste

Once you have created your « La Grand Poste » account, you will receive a confirmation email with your login and password. Keep them carefully! Your account gives you access to wifi and your dashboard (, which allows you to book conference rooms.



A coworking space is a shared workspace. In order to allow everyone to carry out their daily work, a few rules must be respected:

  • Do not disturb the silent areas and remain quiet in the working areas.
  • Meet & chat in the dedicated areas. Same rule applies to calls and video calls.
  • Keep the shared space clean (clean desk, mug,…).
  • Wear your badge and lanyard.
  • Guests are under the responsibility of the host(s).

The Open Space area, accessible to all, is organized in different zones:

  • Silent areas (on the floor, at the flex desk level on the Meuse side).
  • Co-working areas : The jungle (level +1) and the area near the coffee machine on the ground floor.

Please do not make phone calls in the Open Space area, to ensure the quietness of the place and respect everyone’s work.
If you make a call that last more than a few minutes, please, use the dedicated spaces on the ground floor (phone booths) or the meeting rooms.


3. AccESS TO wifi

The available wifi at La Grand Poste is named « GrandPoste ». You can access it using your Grand Poste account ID.

To create an account:

  1. Select the « GrandPoste » wifi network.
  2. On the popup window click on « Créer un compte » and complete the form.
  3. Use your smartphone with mobile data (4G or 5G) to open the confirmation email and to define a new password (choose a password that you can easily remember).
  4. Connect and log yourself on to the Grand Poste wifi network using your login and password.

A “GrandPoste Guest” wifi network (limited) is also available for your guests.


4. conneCTION TO mobile NETWORKS

Due to its performance, the building’s insulation could cause network reception problems. We therefore strongly recommend you to activate the wifi calling feature on your smartphone:

– iOS : Settings → Mobile data → wifi calls / Activate

– Androïd : Phone → Settings → Calls → Wifi calls →Yes (⚠ Ça peut varier).



La Grand Poste’s dashboard is the online platform that allows you to book meeting rooms, manage your guests, view La Grand Poste events or report an incident.

Dashboard :

It is also accessible from the website of La Grand Poste (MENU > LOGIN)

Log in with your personal account details.



La Grand Poste offers 15 meeting rooms for 1 up to 26 people. Reservations are credit-based. Credits are defined by your subscription type.

How do I make a reservation?

  • Log in on
  • Go to the « The Rooms » tab.
  • Learn more about the features of each room by clicking on the desired room (rates, equipment, location, etc.)
  • Select a room, date and time slot.
    You must book at least 15 minutes in advance, for a minimum slot of 30 minutes.

Please, stick to the time slot reserved.

→ Want to cancel a meeting?

  • If your meeting takes place in more than 24 hours, click on “Cancel meeting”.
  • Less than 24h before your meting, contact a member of the team who will cancel it
  • Less than 4 hours before the meeting, the room will be charged on your account.

Your credits are reset every month and are non-cumulative.



When you welcome external guests for meetings and you want them to access the coworking space on their own, go to the dashboard.

  1. Register the guest for your meeting via the last step of the room reservation form or via the “My visitors” button.
  2. Your guest will receive an email containing a QR code that he/she can scan on the screen to the left of the coworking entrance, which will issue a temporary badge valid for the duration of your meeting.

Your guest will then be able to access the building 15 minutes before the meeting. Each guest is the responsibility of the person who invited him/her for the duration of his/her visit to La Grand Poste. After a meeting, the host must escort his/her guest(s) to the exit or to the reception team if he/she wishes to stay and work on site in order to find the appropriate formula (free trial day of coworking or subscription)

→ Collaborative areas

In the dashboard, you will also have the possibility to invite someone for two hours in the collaborative spaces (the jungle, the ground floor). To invite them, the process is similar to the one described above.

For a guest to connect to the Grand Poste wifi, they can either select the “Grand Poste Guest » wifi, or create an account by clicking on the “GrandPoste » wifi. A validation of the account by email (and thus in 4G) is however necessary to activate the account and use the wifi (see point 3. Wifi)



Multifunctional printers (print/scan) with a credit system are available. To be able to use them while enjoying complete confidentiality:

  1. Download the Mobility Print software on your Mac or PC: (Only accessible when connected to La Grand Poste’s wifi)
  2. Once the Mobility Print link is open, select your computer environment (Mac or PC)
  3. Install the Mobility Print like any other software.
  4. Go to an available printer to associate your badge.
  5. Scan your badge once and follow the procedure by entering…
    • Your login, i.e. your email address
    • The unique password: 1901

When you start your first printout, select the “print – follow me printing” printer. Then, indicate this same login and the password on the printer. That’s it!


9. LockerS

Lockers are available on the ground floor next to the reception desk. Two options are available:

  • Daily: Use a free locker when you need it. If your card does not allow it, please go to the reception desk.
  • Monthly: enjoy a locker just for you, always the same one, for €5 per month.

How it works:

  1. Select a locker on the screen
  2. Scan your card
  3. The locker opens: put your stuff in it!
  4. To reopen the locker, scan your card again. The locker opens again to allow you to take your belongings
    Please note: once the locker has been reopened, it is considered “available” again.  Please make sure that you do not leave anything in the locker, as someone else could then gain access to your belongings 🙂


10. MAIL and parcel mamangement

A mail management service and dedicated mailboxes are available and included in the private and dedicated offices or on request for the others (paying service)

For parcels, have your orders delivered online to the Bringme Box located at the entrance of the Food Market. It’s very simple:

  1. Download the Bringme application (AppleAndroid)
  2. Create your Bringme account using the email you received beforehand.
  3. Indicate ‘Bringme’ in front of your name when you place an order online + the address of La Grand Poste “Quai sur Meuse 19 – 4000 Liège”.
  4. You will receive a notification in the app as soon as your package is delivered! To pick it up, simply scan your QR code on the BringMe box and the locker will open. And that’s it!

For a detailed explanation (and a video), please visit the BringMe website


11. TECHNical issues?

You can report any technical issue you may encounter to the La Grand Poste team. To do this, go to the dashboard and click on “report a problem“.

After describing your problem as precisely as possible, you must choose the appropriate category so that your request reaches the appropriate team: IT, Building, or Other.

You can also specify the location of the incident and add a photo if necessary.

All incidents are dealt with as quickly as possible.


2. LIFE AT la Grand Poste



Coffee machines are located in the central hall and the Jungle kitchen for the coworkers. We work with Torrefactory, which roasts coffee in Belgium and offers several coffee selections. We change the coffee every quarter. By scanning the QR code provided, you can vote for the coffee you would like to try! Tip: you can adjust the intensity of the coffee, as well as its volume, by turning the wheel after starting your coffee!

Water fountains also offer you tempered, cold, sparkling or hot water. A wide selection of Teatower teas is also available.

Finished your drink? Please put your dishes in the dishwasher located in the kitchen on the first floor, or on a tray provided for this purpose.


2. jungle AREA

The so-called space « La Jungle » is the place in the Hall where you are invited to eat your meals. It is located a few steps away from the kitchenette, where you will find dishes, a microwave, a fridge, a dishwasher, a coffee machine…



At La Grand Poste, waste management is essential! In accordance with the waste standards in Wallonia, we separate 3 to 4 different waste fractions, namely

  • PMC (plastics, cans, etc)
  • Paper and cardboard (recycled by Tri-terre into acoustic panels for example 😉
  • Organic waste (by the way, your coffee grounds are harvested to make mushrooms! )
  • Residual waste (everything)



Every day, a dynamic and motivated cleaning team ensures that the premises are kept clean so that your experience at La Grand Poste is unforgettable!

We have a “Clean desk” policy: please leave your desk empty and neat when you leave and return your dishes to the dishwasher.



When registering, each coworker receives the internal rules which he/she must sign. It is also available here:





Gérôme, Héloise, Catherine, Lisa, Tara, Jean-Christophe and Yannick work hard to offer you a great experience within our walls! You can meet them here.


  • If you have questions regarding the coworking : contact Catherine Liegeois, RCoworking Manager & SuperHost,
  • If you have questions about the organisation of events or partnerships: contact Héloise Devaux, Event Manager & SuperHost,
  • A communication question, a video to shoot? Contact Héloise Devaux, Event Manager & SuperHost,
  • For all building-related matters, contact Lisa Ries from the Facility Team, who will help you,
  • An IT problem? The IT department can be reached via the “report an issue” in your dashboard


How to you keep up to date with everything that’s going on at La Grand Poste?

  1. You will receive a monthly newsletter (beware, it may be waiting for you in your spam folder!)
  2. Join the users’ Facebook group
  3. Join us on social networks: Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin !


We look forward to building La Grand Poste community together with you!

The team of La Grand Poste 💌